Comic Book Review – The Mighty Thor #451 (Sept 1992)

Writer – Tom DeFalco

Layouts – Gary Hartle

Finished Art – Milgrom and Yates

“Beware the Bloodaxe”

As an avid comic book reader, there are many blind spots that I have encountered over the years. There may have been a comic book run that I’m unaware of because of my age or the initial release date. An example of this would be Eric Masterson’s role as Thor in the early 1990s.

I have been taking a deep dive in the dollar bins recently to try to track down the early 1990s run of Detective Comics. I was also looking for horror themed comics to review for the month of October. Mighty Thor #451 immediately jumped out at me, thanks to the homage cover of Mighty Thor #337 (the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill) and that menacing character swinging his axe, cutting the Mighty Thor logo to shreds.

Comic book characters created during the 1990s were always larger than life with exaggerated features with an extreme edge to them. Looking back, they seem more like caricatures, instilling laughter instead of fear.

This issue of Thor introduces Bloodaxe to the Marvel Universe. The city of New York has been ravaged by gang violence, shootings, and drugs flooding the streets. Normal citizens are helpless to do anything about it. An unseen individual is shown going to a locker in an undisclosed location. Inside the locker is a bag with an axe inside of it. The person picks up the axe and transforms into Bloodaxe. Bloodaxe’s mission is to reclaim the streets and punish those that terrorize the innocent.

Eric Masterson will have to go toe to toe with Bloodaxe, but that battle won’t take place until next issue. Masterson has his hands full trying to locate the missing Thor, who is currently being held prisoner by the demon lord Mephisto.

Bloodaxe may look like a member of the heavy metal band GWAR, but his vengeance on the drug dealers causing trouble in the streets of NYC is brutal and swift. So brutal in fact, that when Masterson sees the carnage left behind by Bloodaxe, the God of Thunder almost loses his lunch.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and Bloodaxe may have good intentions, but he must be stopped by any means necessary. Bloodaxe is a cold, calculating killer and the God of Thunder may not survive the coming showdown. Bloodaxe is no laughing matter and the mystery of this new villain’s identity will make me want to pick up the next issue of the Mighty Thor. Will the God of Thunder be able to face Bloodaxe alone and if Masterson needs backup, who will answer his  call for help?

The synopsis for The Mighty Thor #452 is simply Thor versus Bloodaxe and more developments on the missing Odinson in the realm of Mephisto.