Walken: The Final Four

And so it comes to this. Two Movies. A Music Video. And a Sketch. We are in uncharted territory here. Never, in the history of Movie Star Tournaments, lasting all the way back 10000 years to May 2020, have we NOT had 3 Movies in the Final Four.

We’re through the Looking Glass, here, people.

Now it is possible that I have overstated this momentous event, but… it’s 2020. Anything can happen. And we don’t have anything else to do anymore, do we?

While the Sweet 16 brought us two nail biters to the very end, the Elite Eight were all runaways. The closest match was The Dead Zone batbeating Batman Returns 35 – 24. That’s close compared to “More Cowbell” beheading Sleepy Hollow 47 – 16. Someone forgot to vote between “Weapon of Choice” and “The Continental” as that ended up 46 – 16. Meanwhile, Walken’s other Oscar noted film, Catch Me if You Can, was outdanced by Pulp Fiction, 38 – 23.

The Seeds ended up being one movie versus one shorter piece. So which will it be? Could we have our first Movie Star Tournament finish without an actual movie in the final? Only YOU can decide.