Walken: The Sweet 16

Like I expected, the top half were blowouts, and the bottom half were pretty close. But we have the advancing group, some just scraping by.

Pulp Fiction continues to be our #1 seed, slashing through The Jungle Book. But “More Cowbell” made stronger sounds than “Weapon of Choice“, becoming the #2 seed. Still, neither had a problem with their competition, flashing past Nick of Time and dethroning King of New York, respectively.

On the other hand, The Rundown buried Joe Dirt by a mere 3 votes, 14 – 11. Even closer, The Prophecy spent Pennies from Heaven by 1 little vote, 15 – 14.

But, I gotta tell ya, some of these new Matches look impossible to decide. Match #4 are two of my favorites from Walken. And Match #7 may be opposites, but are also two favorites.

I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill.