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The Megan Thee Stallion & Tory Lanez Situation

For those that have no idea what happened:

A couple of months ago while leaving a party at (I believe) Kylie Jenner’s house, Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez got into an argument and while Meg exited the car and left, Tory (allegedly drunk) either shot her feet or shot at her and bullet fragments hit her feet. There’s video footage out there of her walking away from the car with bloody feet. She got treated at the hospital and not a lot of info came out for a month or so. But then Tory’s PR began spreading …ugh “fake news” about the event so Megan felt compelled to go to IG Live to express her side. According to her he absolutely shot her (people kept saying she was lying so she posted pictures of her feet, post shooting) and that she was trying to protect him by not talking and obviously with these current times, she did not want to involve the police. Especially since at the time when officers were around the car she felt that if she let them know there was a weapon in the car, their lives would be in danger. Again, completely understandable (and honestly, right there a microcosm of how stressful it has to be to be a Black woman in America but that is a whole rant in itself that i want to save for a possible thread) Today, months later, Tory Lanez finally responded…with a full 17 song album now streaming on all services and for sale at full price. One of the songs addressed the controversy among other things and basically said she set him up and she’s a liar (important to note that TMZ has evidence of a text message of Tory apologizing to Meg and explaining that she was drunk.

I guess I want this thread to be a safe space, especially for the Black Women of the site to vent about how they feel (but if others feel the need to say something or offer a word of support, that’s fine too). The fact that his album has actually gone #1 on Apple Music today, along with all of this following the Breonna Taylor verdict has to be a lot.