Anime Worth Watching: A Place Further Than the Universe

A Place Further Than the Universe (宇宙よりも遠い場所) is a 13-episode original slice-of-life adventure series from 2018 by Studio Madhouse.


Four high school girls are brought together by various coincidences and all decide they want to go to Antarctica for their own personal reasons so they set out to get attached to a scientific expedition. Along the way they learn the meaning of friendship with each other.


If ever there was a show which could be described as being “about the journey, not the destination”, YoriMoi (to use its Japanese abbreviation) is it. They don’t even leave Japan for half the series as its really about the girls deciding to take this trip as well as getting to know each other. Don’t let that last part of the synopsis sound too blase either, friendship is a major theme with all of the girls wrestling with different views of it and/or not having much in the way of friends before.

Thankfully, all four are pretty interesting characters which is good for how much of the show rests on them. The closest to a lead, Tamaki, is perhaps the most generic since she serves as a bit of the anchor for the other three; while young idol Yuzuki oddly ends up with the most relatable story of someone who’s never had friends before and just wants to get along with people while not actually knowing how to do that.


Well if you’re looking for something more plot heavy this isn’t really for you. This is a show of pure character work which also happens to be rather funny, so there’s not much in the way of big twists or dramatic action.

And thats all I got for this. Seriously, I just sat here for like 10 minutes and I can’t come up with a single other thing to complain about for this show.

Well, there are the durians.


Weeb Level: 1.5/10- some of the girls ride close to being archetypes, though whether you pick up on that or not is pretty irrelevant.

Fanservice: 1/10- absolutely nothing going on here, unless you happen to like penguins in which case 10/10.

Quaility: 9/10- the pure character work makes rewatching individual episodes hard some times, but going through the whole series again is always a good idea.

Where to watch: Crunchyroll has it, and oddly none of the other major streaming sites in the US do.