Werewolf: Avocado! Day Two

The Flying Avocado, Western United States
September, 1934
9:15 AM

It’s always the good ones.

It was a long night. After the shocking violence of the previous day, the passengers emerged from their cabins, their faces pale from exhaustion and apprehension. What they discovered that morning did nothing to ease their concerns.

Just finding Bolin was bad enough. He’d seemed like a decent kid, the agent had thought, humble and with barely a dime to his name, but he’d had his whole future ahead of him. Alas, that future had been taken away from him in the night. When no one else was looking, the agent got a close look at the body. At first the knife in the back seemed like the obvious cause of death, but the blood spatter indicated something else, too. Further investigation discovered a thin line across the throat, likely the work of piano wire. His papers matched the records: a civilian.
Bolin (Side Character) has DIED. They were a PASSENGER and a Good Boy, you Monsters.

This was bad. If the gangs were out for blood, there was no telling when it would stop, or who else would get caught in the crossfire.

There are many ways to travel. Some prefer by sea, some by air, some by land. What really matters is the people who are there with you on your journey. Dana Doppler was the queen of the skies, but it was having her partner Roscoe with her that made it all worth it. They had chosen to take a break from running guns for the Mafia, take things easy while waiting for their next mission. Alas, when the morning came, the passengers found the inseparable duo together one last time, the chimp sitting mournfully next to the body of his former partner. They would never fly together again.

Dana Doppler (Wasp) has DIED. They were a Mafia GANGSTER, and Roscoe is real torn up about it.

There had been more scuffles in the night, the agent was sure of it. The sounds of a struggle distinct from the others. But whatever had happened, it apparently had not been fatal.


This is Day Two. The bloodshed continues. Twilight will be Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 4:00 PM EDT.

Countdown Timer

The Rules:

  • Players will be randomly selected to play as either Passengers, Gangsters in one of three different Gangs (Camorra, Mafia, and Street Rats), or members of the Wedding Party.
  • The Game will be divided into Days, which occur in Open Threads posted on The Avocado, and Nights, which occur in Private Quicktopic (QT) Threads that will be provided.
  • Each Day, all Players will vote to select one candidate to throw off the train. The Player who has received the most votes at the end of the Day will be selected. Ties will result in random selection from the tied candidates.
  • Each Night, the Gangs and the Wedding Party will each select one candidate to kill in their respective shared QTs. The Wedding Party has access to their QT at all times. The Gangs only have access to their QTs at Night.
  • The Goal of the Passengers is to survive until the end of the game, which can only occur if the entire Wedding Party is eliminated.
  • The Goal of the Gangsters is for their Gang to outnumber the others at the conclusion of the game. If the Wedding Party is eliminated and no Gang has a majority, the game will continue until one does.
  • The Goal of the Wedding Party is to kill ALL other players. No survivors. No mercy.
  • Additionally, some players will be Immortal. Immortals cannot be killed by standard Night Kill Actions, but can be thrown off the train during the Day. Each Gang will have no more than One (1) Immortal.
  • One Immortal, the Alchemist, is hunting for the Immortal who holds the formula for the Elixir of Eternal Life. The Alchemist can kill other Immortals as their Night Action (this will have no effect on non-Immortals), and wins if they kill the correct Immortal and survive until the end of the game.
  • More Roles may be implemented based on number of Players and other factors. These Roles may be given specific win conditions, and Roled Players are not required to divulge what those are.

The Players:

  1. Sonya Hobbes (The Hayes Code)
  2. Mayor McCheese (Ralph)
  3. Grumproro
  4. Laura Bow (Colonel Mustard)
  5. James Bond, Jr. (InnDEEEEED)
  6. Mr. Green (anewholiday)
  7. Dana Doppler (Wasp)
  8. Train Hobo (Owen1120)
  9. Johnny Caspar (Goat)
  10. Banjo Possum (hoho possum)
  11. Hatsune Mikue (raven and rose)
  12. Hina (lutair)
  13. Kitty Witless (emmelemm)
  14. Shadow the Hedgehog (Dramus18)
  15. Kazuma Kiryu (Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa)
  16. Boxcar Bertha (Dicentra)
  17. Kenshiro, Fist of the North Star (Lord Stoneheart)
  18. Don Pianta (sic humor)
  19. Bolin (Side Character)
  20. Kanamori Sayaka (Narrowstrife)
  21. An elephant (Tiff Aching’s Golden Hare)
  22. Jack Frost, no, the other one (forget_it_jake)