Kirsten: The Finals!

And so we come to the end, the Final Two left to battle it out for the Favorite Kirsten Dunst Movie, because the TV show has been cancelled.

Fargo, Season 2 came close but just couldn’t defeat the Cheerleaders, losing 29 votes to 32. Meanwhile, her breakout film, Interview with the Vampire, was staging a comeback, but just couldn’t vanquish Eternal Sunshine, losing 25 votes to 35.

Eternal Sunshine has been the #1 seed and vote getter this entire tournament, handily beating Anastasia, Small Soldiers, Marie Antoinette, and now Vampire.

Bring It On was the #3 seed, behind Fargo, and Fargo was the only work that came close to toppling that pyramid. The Cheerleaders had no problem with Elizabethtown, Melancholia, and the original Spider Man.

So, it’s now between 2 comedies, a supporting role in the twisted romantic Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or the lead role as an ambitious but misled cheerleader in Bring It On.

We also need to decide on another Movie Star, and Show us Your List for Your Top 3 / Top 5 / Top Whatever favorite Kirsten Dunst works.

What will be the Favorite Kirsten Dunst Movie? Only YOU can decide!