Job Rants Thread – 9/18/2020 – Working From Home XXVI: Smiles, Everyone; Smiles

I love my job
He loves his job
Pull that lever
Sister, start the engine

Pump the water, yeah
Honey, build the pressure
Pump the water, build the pressure, push the piston, press the button
It’s the perfect jo

Tori Amos, The Happy Worker

Hey, all; Healthy Friday –

So, we had a Zoom meeting for my office yesterday; the main topic being a notable lack of productivity on our parts. Being that what we do is extensively customer service-based, one is able to easily understand why our boss would get more than a bit bent out of shape about that; and hell, he’s not wrong.

Indeed, my only issue with the whole chewing out wasn’t that I felt he was wrong, rather than for the reasons he felt we were slipping. The tone throughout the meeting tended to skew on the side of “We know that you’re home, and it’s probably distracting you from getting things done; don’t get lazy.” While I won’t deny there’s a grain of truth to that, what it fails to take into account is that, given what we do, we’ve basically all gone completely fucking nuts, by this point. Bugnuts, enclosed, stuck at home, but expected to ignore all of its’ comforts. And we’re still expected to put on our best face to the public. It’s not that we don’t want to do our jobs, it’s that, well, for many of us. our job is now all we can do.

So I guess my question for any and all in who are finding themselves in similar straits at their job is this: How does one keep from getting distracted at one’s job, when it’s also the only thing keeping you sane at said job?

As ever, have a safe, and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, if out, and great weekend. And remember: Stay focused, stay productive, but more important than both, stay well.