We Are Number One (But It’s Werewolf) Day 4: Be careful not to make a sound!

Dicentra has been eliminated. Dicentra was the Detective. Today is Kill or Be Killed. If Town fails to eliminate a wolf today, the wolves will have a majority and win the game.

Rules and Roles:
This game is designed for newcomers, with simpler rules, and with priority given to people who haven’t played before or haven’t played in a long time.

In this game, there will be:

  • 7 Creepy Rubber Puppet-Men – Vanilla Town, no special powers.
  • 1 Energetic Pink-Haired Young Girl – Detective, Investigates a player each night phase to determine their alignment.
  • 4 Strong-Chinned Supervillains – Vanilla Wolves, share a private chat room to scheme against the town.

The game is divided into Day and Night phases. During the Day, all players will meet in a designated thread which I will post here in the Avocado. By the end of the day, decide on a player (or none) to string up in the town square. During the night, wolves will secretly meet in another thread to determine a player to kill, and the cop will submit a name in their own private chat thread to investigate.

Town’s goal is to eliminate the wolves. The Wolves’ goal is to eliminate town. With 12 players, and 2 deaths per day, this game should not go longer than six Day/Night cycles. You should expect to post at least half a dozen comments in each day thread; it’s only fun if everyone participates.


  1. Dramus18
  2. Lord Stoneheart
  3. Pliny Pliny Frescobaldi
  4. Overcat
  5. Mayor Milford Meanswell
  6. Smallestcutepotato
  7. Dave Killsock
  8. Narrowstrife
  9. Dicentra
  10. The Hayes Code
  11. Hoho Undead Possum
  12. Captain Video


  1. Side Character
  2. Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa
  3. Spooky, killer of men
  4. forget_it_jake
  5. Wasp

Twilight will be at Midnight EST on Friday Night/Saturday Morning. At twilight the player with the highest number of votes will be eliminated. On a tie, a randomly-chosen player from the entire group will be eliminated, and no further discussion will be allowed.