Werewolf 129: We Are Number One! (But it’s Werewolf)

Robbie Rotten had been humiliated for the last time. But if he was going to beat that Sportawhatshisname once and for all, he knew he couldn’t do it alone. When he got back to the lair he called up the Villain Supply Warehouse.

“I want to order a villain! What kind? What? Well, you probably don’t have anyone like me… You do? Great! I’ll take one! No, no, no, wait! Three are better than one! I’ll take three! And I want extra-speedy delivery!”

Within minutes, three almost-identical copies of himself arrived at his lair.

“You all look familiar!” Robbie said.

“I’m Bobbie Rotten!”

“I’m Tobbie Rotten! And he’s Flobbie!”

“Rotten?” Robbie asked.

The one called Bobbie gestured. “Yeah, eh, we do birthday parties, weddings, conferences, mall openings, carnivals, bar mitzvahs, you know. Who are you?”

“Me?” Robbie said


“I am Robbie Rotten, the greatest villain in the whole world!”

“Yes, like it’s, it’s uh, you’re just like us!”

“…Whatever. Okay! As I was saying! We have to get rid of that Sporaflopityflip, and his Flipityflopity!”


“Yes, the blue jumping kangaroo!”

Tobbie spoke up this time. “We’re looking for a kangaroo?”

“A blue kangaroo,” Bobbie added.

“No!” Robbie exclaimed. “Not an actual kangaroo! It’s a real man! In a costume!”

“Ah, I see, a man in a kangaroo costume!”


Tobbie shrugged. “Well this is real confusing…”

Robbie pointed to each of them in turn. “Okay… Are you a real villain?”

The sound of a song that was not quite ska and not quite klezmer filled the air.

Rules and Roles:
This game is designed for newcomers, with simpler rules, and with priority given to people who haven’t played before or haven’t played in a long time.

In this game, there will be:

  • 9 Creepy Rubber Puppet-Men – Vanilla Town, no special powers.
  • 1 Energetic Pink-Haired Young Girl – Detective, Investigates a player each night phase to determine their alignment.
  • 1 Diabetic Sports-themed super-elf – Jailer, may choose one player per night to invite up to the Sportaship– denying them any night actions they may take and preventing them from being killed in the night.
  • 1 Strong-Chinned Supervillain – Wolf roleblocker, may choose one player per night to deny the use of their night actions.
  • 3 Robbie Rotten Imitators – Vanilla Wolves, share a private chat room to scheme against the town.
  • 1 Glanni Glæpur – Serial Killer, a leftover from a much weirder, more Icelandic, more stage-based version of this show and an actual threat.

The game is divided into Day and Night phases. During the Day, all players will meet in a designated thread which I will post here in the Avocado. By the end of the day, decide on a player (or none) to string up in the town square. During the night, wolves will secretly meet in another thread to determine a player to kill, and the cop will submit a name in their own private chat thread to investigate.

Town’s goal is to eliminate the wolves. The Wolves’ goal is to eliminate town. With 16 players, and 2 or 3 deaths per day (depending on if the Serial Killer lasts), this game should not go longer than seven Day/Night cycles. You should expect to post at least half a dozen comments in each day thread; it’s only fun if everyone participates.

Priority 1: New/Irregular Players

  1. Dramus18
  2. Lord Stoneheart
  3. Pliny Pliny Frescobaldi
  4. Overcat
  5. Mayor Milford Meanswell
  6. Smallestcutepotato
  7. Dave Killsock
  8. Narrowstrife
  9. Dicentra

Priority 2: Experienced Players/Backups

  1. The Hayes Code
  2. Hoho Undead Possum
  3. Captain Video
  4. Side Character
  5. Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa
  6. Spooky, killer of men
  7. forget_it_jake
  8. Wasp

Please make sure that if you sign up, your profile is set to public so I can send your Quicktopic link somewhere discreet.