The Monster Squad Night Thread

The horror comedy The Monster Squad was released on August 14, 1987.

This was one of my favorite movies growing up and a movie staple in our household.

The battle between good and evil rages on and the scales can be tipped every so often.

Dracula has returned from years of slumber in search of a journal and an amulet in his bid to take over the world. By his side is The Wolf Man, The Gill Man, The Mummy, and Frankenstein’s Monster.

You know who to call about ghosts, but who do you call about monsters?


Sean and his friends must band together to stop Dracula and his cohorts from unleashing evil upon their hometown.

Fred Dekker and Shane Black bring the Universal Studios Monsters to the present day with the help of Stan Winston and his updated designs of these horror legends and icons.

This was an ambitious crossover that puts the Dark Universe to shame.

The Monster Squad is currently available on Amazon Prime for those of you that want to check it out for the very first time and others that would like to rewatch it.

Have a good evening and be sure to check under the bed and inside the closet before going to sleep tonight.