The Friday Politics Thread is in the Mail

Good Morning, Politicadoes. You might be saying to yourself “How can the Friday Politics Thread be on time, if it’s in the mail. Well, you see, this is last Friday’s Politics thread, and it’s just getting to you now. Who do you think will be Biden’s VP Pick? Is the Big 10 going to play football this year? Is Trump going to go on national TV and announce that he’s going to try to sabotage the USPS so that Republicans can maintain their hold on the government? The Friday Politics Thread doesn’t know! Because it was mailed last week!

Turning our focus to other matters, NJ finally got its R number back under 1.00, so that’s good. The Friday Politics thread will be hanging out with its NJ family next week, on an in-state shore vacation, so it’s good to know we’re at less risk, although the Friday PT hears that there’s an outbreak of Sea Lice there, so that’s bad.

RoRo can now say over 100 words. Not that her parents are counting and keeping track of them on a spreadsheet or anything….we use regular old Notepad. Current favorite word? “Dustpan”.

So please remember to keep the PT a place of peace, love, understanding, and especially empathy for others. Double especially for your fellow posters, who don’t deserve any crap here especially when the real world is all too ready to give it to them. Let the Mods know about Clams, McSquirrels, and any of the PT Cryptozoology we are so fond of. Or just say hi!

Oh, and since I’ll be at the shore next week, next Friday’s PT is up for grabs again. Ever wanted to do a PT header with no pressure whatsoever? Now’s your chance!