AVoCADo GamesCast #66: … Greg Chun …

The full title of this episode is “Japanese Games Released in 2019 about Murder Victims with Their Eyes Gouged Out and Protagonists Voiced by Greg Chun in the English Dub.” But don’t worry, we don’t just talk about Judgment and AI: The Somnium Files; The Kappa, dw, Ben, Wolfman Jew, and I talk about a whole host of games from 2019. We also discuss some lesser-known titles from the first half of 2020 that you might have missed.

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A couple of disclaimers: Firstly, the last third of this episode spoils the ending of Life Is Strange 2. Secondly, this episode contains some lighthearted discussion concerning the band Simple Plan; we were not aware of the sexual misconduct allegations against the band’s (now former) bassist at the time of recording. (Those allegations were made public roughly 24 hours before we recorded.)

0:15 – Introduction
2:15 – What We’ve Been Playing
30:40 – Games You Might Missed in 2020
1:01:45 – Games We Missed in 2019
1:33:15 – Conclusion