Marble League 2020 E12 Relay Run

Greg Woods describes the relay run as an event that combines speed and teamwork. This is an accurate description: marbles have to go fast and perform proper handoffs. That’s really the core of it. Nothing else to worry about, I take it?

Tournament sponsor John Rolliver takes to the track for an exhibition race with his three teammates against King Stardust and his entourage. John’s team creams the competition, embarrassing the King in front of his subjects. Will that set the tone for the rest of the event?

Apparently it does. The Oceanics come roaring out of the gate in the first heat and defeat the heavily favoured Savage Speeders. Not only that, but they set a new ML record of 8.586 seconds! Things are looking blue for the other teams. but at least the Savage Speeders get to advance.

Things look good for the Minty Maniacs in the second heat, but then they mess up a handoff, leaving Team Momo and Team Galactic to roar on ahead.

The third heat is insanely competitive. All four teams beat the record that the Oceanics just set, but only the O’rangers manage a sub-8 time. The Hazers come in second, eliminating the Balls of Chaos and the Green Ducks.

The fourth heat is the Midnight Wisps’ to lose, but then they mess up the final handoff, leaving room for the Raspberry Racers and the Hornets to get out in front in the anchor leg. The Thunderbolts can barely even compete.

The first semi-final has a lot of back-and-forth. The Raspberry Racers end up with a clean victory, but it’s a photo finish for second place, with the Savage Speeders beating Team Momo by a single millisecond.

As predicted, the O’rangers run away with the second semi-final, though the Oceanics aren’t too far behind. No sub-8 times in this race, though.

The final is where it all comes together. The Savage Speeders get their revenge on the Oceanics and place atop the podium. Meanwhile, there’s a photo finish to determine bronze and silver, with the O’rangers besting the Oceanics by only 2 milliseconds.

Stray thoughts:

  • Real tough heat for the Balls of Chaos and the Green Ducks, who deserved better. Still the Balls of Chaos have a pretty nice number of points. 😉
  • The O’rangers now lead not just in points, but also in total medals. The Minty Maniacs drop into third place. They’re going to need more consistency if they don’t want to drop off the podium.
  • It is now mathematically impossible for Mellow Yellow to win ML2020. Appropriately, this is indicated by writing the team’s rank in yellow on the official scoreboard.

See you on Sunday for the high jump!

Complete stats for Marble League 2020 can be found at the Jelle’s Marble Runs Wiki.