Shoeless Trivia: Image Potpourri

I’ve had troubled getting excited about a theme all week, so I’m going to throw up my hands and do a random-ass picture round.

  1. Pictured below is the mascot for what American professional sports team?strivia197_1
  2. What country is represented by the flag seen here?strivia197_2
  3. The gallery seen here is dedicated to the work of what artist?strivia197_3
  4. What nation is depicted in the map below?strivia197_4r
  5. The image below shows actress Uzo Aduba in a still taken from a 2020 miniseries. What historical figure is she portraying?strivia197_5

  1. Philadelphia Flyers
  2. Cambodia
  3. Alexander Calder
  4. The Gambia
  5. Shirley Chisolm