The Wednesday Politics Thread Wishes You Well, Whatever It Is

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Good morning Politicados! I’ll be your new Wednesday host of the worst reality show with the best, most perfect ratings that is “He’s Doing What Now?”

With several polls showing Biden with a sizable lead, it would appear that Mango Unchained knows his time in office is in jeopardy. To that end, he seems determined to burn it all down before that end can come. Whether it is through racist Executive Orders, deploying government-sanctioned kidnapping crews, or letting nearly 140,000+ Americans die because of his ego.

We know how this can go, so do not rest thinking he will sink himself. It is NOT enough. If you are as concerned as I am:

Get out the vote, join a local protest if you can (wear a mask!), and call your Representatives constantly to voice your concerns. Be present, be vocal , be an ally (no need to be a naked ally though, not very helpful), and definitely exercise your rights as citizens.

Remember to wear your masks and the eternal McSquirrel Rule. Please be kind to each other in the comments. If any problems arise, contact a mod at