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Sports Corner Throws Out the First Pitch

For good or for ill, major league baseball returns for a 60 game season tomorrow.  I am not as excited as I could be, in part because I don’t really expect the season not to be interrupted by an outbreak on one or more teams.  But for now, baseball is back, and it’s going to be weird.  Like the temporary rule that there will be a runner on second base at the start of extra innings.  Or the supposedly temporary but almost certainly permanent arrival of the DH in the NL.  And those empty stands are just surreal.

And if we do get through the season, it’s hard to expect that anyone but the Yankees and Dodgers will be in the World Series.  Both teams are just too stacked. But with just 60 games, who knows?

And next week, we get back the NBA and WNBA and NHL back, in their bubbles in Florida and Canada, and those perhaps stand a chance of succeeding.

All of which means that Sports Corner should be returning on a more regular basis.  As ever, all sports subjects are welcome.