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The Weird Al Weird-Off: Results

Thank you all for participating! This one has been a lot of fun.

In fourth place: The Saga Begins, from 1999’s Running With Scissors.

In third place: Smells Like Nirvana, from 1992’s Off the Deep End.

The runner-up, losing by only two votes: Eat It, from 1984’s In 3-D.

And your champion – the best of all Weird Al parodies *AND* all songs parodied by Weird Al – is …

That’s right, it’s Amish Paradise! From the 1996 album Bad Hair Day. All hail your new champion.

The highest finishing non-Al song was The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats.

Check out the bracket at – and don’t touch that dial! I may take some time off, but I’ll be back at some point to determine the best Weird Al original.