AVoCADo GamesCast #65: In Light of Recent Events…

Episode #66: Japanese Games Released in 2019 about Murder Victims with Their Eyes Gouged Out and Protagonists Voiced by Greg Chun in the English Dub AVoCADo GamesCast

We discuss some games you might have missed this year and last. We also talk about pop-punk and bad art. (Some might consider the "and bad art" superfluous.) [Recorded July 11, 2020]

We’re trying WordPress’s new podcast player embed for this episode, which features me, The Kappa, Lutair, and Lovely Bones. Hopefully it works. As you can see from the episode description in the embed, this episode covers some serious topics. There are content warnings for discussions of sexual harassment and assault, workplace abuse, and gendered slurs.

EDIT (23/08/20): It seems like the podcast player only shows the most recent episode, so we’re not going to place it at the top of the article anymore. Here’s an embed of the actual audio file:

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0:15 – Introduction
2:00 – Harassment and Abuse in the Games Industry
1:09:25 – PlayStation 5: The Future of Gaming
1:32:00 – PC Gaming Show
1:46:25 – Future Games Show
1:52:05 – EA Play Live
2:07:20 – Other Summer Gaming Streams
2:14:05 – Conclusion