Shoeless Trivia: Sports

The original purpose of this was to do categories not in my normal trivia wheelhouse, so here’s some sports.

  1. What is the first major professional sports franchise to be owned by a Native American tribe? This team is one of only four in the WNBA not to share a market with an NBA team.
  2. Name the individual depicted in the logo below:strivia195_1
  3. What Green Pay Packers quarterback’s stellar performance earned him the MVP trophy for Super Bowls I and II?
  4. Name either of the two cities that were formerly home to the Oakland Athletics.
  5. A cesta, from the Spanish for basket, is a piece of equipment used in what fast-paced sport?

  1. Connecticut Sun
  2. Jerry West
  3. Bart Starr
  4. Philadelphia, Kansas City
  5. jai alai