Cage Match: The Final Four

Finally, a Battle Royale! No, Wait!  Two. TwO. TWO Battle Royales!

The CageMaster’s three biggest Action Hits and his Master Performance battled it out for the past four days, going back and forth for the lead.

And in the end, Action wins.   Face / Off barely flew away from Con Air 33 to 29.  Meanwhile, The Rock sobered up while Leaving Las Vegas 30 – 26.

The other two matches were runaways for two of his quirkiest comedies.  Raising Arizona  scorched Moonstruck 49 – 11, while Adaptation re-wrote the controversial Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse.  Sorry, Nic.  You also got close without winning Favorite Spider Man, if it’s any consolation.

So, here are our Final Four.   And this time it will be Quirky Comedy versus Non Stop Action in BOTH Categories.    So where does your Wild Heart lie towards?  Crazy Cage, or Action Hero Cage?   Only YOU Decide!