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The Andy Daly Day Thread (July 2, 2020)

Andy Daly is one of my favourite comedians. As well as his peerless Comedy Central show Review, you will probably seen him pop up in one of your favourite shows: Eastbound & Down, Black-ish, Silicon Valley, Brooklyn 99, the Good Place, amongst many others. He voiced the King of Ooo in Adventure Time!

He is also an excellent improvisational comedian, appearing on many comedy podcasts (as well as his own). He released his latest album, “Four More Sweaters: Monsters Take Your Questions” in April, where he assumes four different characters – Dalton Wilcox, Poet Laureate of the West; Don DiMello, Theatrical Director; Chip Gardner, Candidate for Honorary Mayor of Hollywood; and L. Ron Hubbard – and improvises answers from the audience.

If you have a spare three hours, I also recommend his 2016 filibuster where he reads and riffs upon insulting reviews of Laphroaig whisky:

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Have a five-star day, everyone!