Marble League 2020 E2 Halfpipe

The halfpipe is a test of endurance. The goal is for the team to remain inside the halfpipe for as long as it possibly can. Great strength is required to remain inside the pipe without slipping, and marbles without sufficient grip are doomed.

In just the second run of this event, things get interesting. The Minty Maniacs set a new ML record with a total time of 33.75 seconds. We also see teams strategically using collisions, like Balls of Chaos did against the Green Ducks in Run #3. Then in Run #5, the O’rangers blast the Savage Speeders down the pipe to make room, setting yet another new ML record with a total of 34.49 seconds. In Run #6, the Crazy Cat’s Eyes come close to the O’rangers’ new record with a time of 34.33 seconds.

Things heat up in the second half of the runs. There’s more brawling, and marbles collide with each other with wild abandon. The O’rangers have yet another stellar run, catapulting them to a total time of exactly 66 seconds. On the other hand, the Oceanics completely collapse in Run #15, netting only an additional 22.2 seconds.

In the end, no one can best the O’rangers, and they come out with the gold, followed by the Crazy Cat’s Eyes with the silver, and the Minty Maniacs with the bronze.

Stray thoughts:

  • The Minty Maniacs hold the overall top spot. They’re only team with two medals so far. What an amazing comeback story for them!
  • It’s weird to see the Savage Speeders in last place.
  • The O’rangers climbed eight spots in the rankings due to their performance today. They’ve clearly been juicing since the balancing competition.

Next week, on July 3rd, we’ll have the funnel endurance contest. Stay tuned!

Complete stats for Marble League 2020 can be found at the Jelle’s Marble Runs Wiki.