The Avocado’s Favorite American President – ROUND 3!

“Jefferson still lives.” – John Adams

Yeah, well, no thanks to you, John!

In a bit of historical one-upmanship, John Adams defeated Thomas Jefferson in their rematch last round 220 years after Jefferson defeated him. But in a testament to Jefferson’s long-standing historical importance and perhaps their friendship, it is the will of the Avocado that Jefferson be allowed to be crushed by go up against Abraham Lincoln this round.

Which means no one gets to hear my hilarious joke so I’m going to do it anyway:


The American people will forever be ambivalent about you.

At any rate, we are down to 12 Presidents. Some of these will be easy, but two are going to be anyone’s game.

For each match, I am going to post a picture of a President in their younger years with a nickname each of them had. I debated going full-on baby picture round with this, but ultimately decided against it. Though I was sorely tempted with some of these.

I’m sorry, I have to admire consistency in style.

But before we dive in to a round of spirited debate, let us consider….


John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Ulysses S. Grant

Chester Alan Arthur

James Monroe

William Jefferson Clinton Jr.

James Knox Polk 

John Quincy Adams 

William Howard Taft 

Rutherford Birchard Hayes 

Martin Van Buren


You Have 48 Hours To Vote From When The Last Match Is Posted!