Shoeless Trivia: Reversals of Fortune

The most recent season of Learned League just concluded, and after winning 9 of my first 13 matches and being on track to set a number of personal records, the second half of the season was only good for three more wins and a fall from first place to just out of eligibility for promotion. Hence today’s theme.

  1. What actor earned an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the 1990 film Reversal of Fortune?
  2. What NFL team suffered a major reversal of fortune in Superbowl LI, losing in overtime after enjoying a 28-3 lead as late as the third quarter?
  3. Once of the title characters in Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper was based on what real Tudor monarch who died at age 15. Regnal name and number, please.
  4. The panel below shows Thanos having suffered a major reversal of fortune at the hands of what unbeatable Marvel superhero?strivia192_1
  5. Based on a recent bankruptcy filing, what once popular chain founded by Nolan Bushnell is not doing so well these days? Though they have recently been doing business as Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings, please provide their more well known name.

[spoiler title=Answers]

  1. Jeremy Irons
  2. Atlanta Falcons
  3. Edward VI
  4. Squirrel Girl
  5. Chuck E. Cheese