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Job Rants Thread – 6/19/2020 – Working From Home XIII: Recess!


Hey, all; Healthy Friday-


…It’s too nice to be writing a column right now.

I mean it; it’s really nice out right now, and I am going to soak up some desperately-needed Vitamin D. While I will be ever-thankful to have a job in these troubled times (despite my changing feelings towards it) I will say that there’s a new edge added to the proceedings. In that, given that it’s becoming summer-like in many regions, and I’m in an area I typically feel more comfortable in than where my where my workplace is, I’ve begun to re-experience that long-forgotten feeling of being stuck in school or in some manner of grounding while others get enjoy themselves outside.

Has anyone else been feeling like that? I’d go on about it, more, but that would mean I was in here, and not out there. So, why don’t you all talk about that, or like, whatever else you have going on. I on the other hand, have got some summer reading to do.


As ever, have a safe, and productive rest of the day, safe trip home if out, and a great weekend. And remember. We might be able to do much, but we can do things when the sun is up; enjoy them while you can.