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Sports Corner Peeks Out from the Bubble

Slowly and unsteadily, the sports world is returning.  Today, the Premier League comes back, joining many of Europe’s soccer leagues.  Boxing and UFC have restarted, the Belmont Stakes will be taking place on Saturday, and the NBA continues to plan for possible return in a “bubble” in Orlando in late July.

Of course, we are a long, long way from normal, and plans for any sport’s return could collapse as the pattern of the pandemic shifts.  Never mind that there are NBA players who aren’t sure they want to be playing games when they could be making more of a difference in in the BLM protests.  Never mind that for every fan who is demanding the return of sports as a return to normality, there is a fan who thinks that between the plague and the protests, this is the wrong time.

And the less said about MLB’s efforts to strongarm the players, the better.  Though if you ask me, this is just the start of what will be a very bitter stretch  for baseball when the current contract is up.

So I don’t know who is ready to talk sports here and who isn’t.  But if nothing else, there is, for now, what to talk about.

And if you aren’t ready to engage with the present, you can just do what everyone did for six weeks and talk about Michael Jordan.

And at least I get to use the snazzy new Avocado graphic.