The June 16th Night Thread Has Wonderbeasts

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is an animated show by Radford Sechrist that airs on Netflix. The series is aimed at kids, but would be appreciated by adults in the Steven Universe/ Adventure Time/ Gravity Falls set. Based on a brief webcomic by Sechrist, Kipo follows the titular character (Karen Fukuhara aka Glimmer from She-Ra), a plucky girl from an underground bunker city, as she is forced to navigate the colorful, post-apocalyptic surface, which is ruled by (mostly) intelligent, mutated animals.

It has great animation, a killer soundtrack, amazing character development, deft storytelling, and a stacked cast including no less than Sterling K. Brown and Dan Stevens.

It also features Wolf (voiced by Sydney Mikayla), easily the most badass kid since Toph Beifong:

The second season of Kipo aired *checks calendar* four days ago, so get watchin’.