Batman Forever Day Thread

On June 16, 1995 – Batman Forever was released in theaters.

Today we celebrate its 25th Anniversary!

Im sure you have at least one of the Batman Forever mugs from McDonald’s, so find it and fill it with your beverage of choice so we can propose a toast to this very 90s superhero movie!

Batman Forever was directed by Joel Schumacher features Val Kilmer in his one and only turn as Batman, as well as, Chris O’Donnell, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, and Nicole Kidman.

Batman must stem the chaos caused by former DA Harvey Dent aka Two Face, while also trying to stop the rise of Edward Nyma aka The Riddler. When Dent and Nygma join forces to destroy both Bruce Wayne and Batman, it will take the newly minted Robin to help even the odds.

This movie is definitely a mixed bag. According to Rotten Tomatoes Critics Consensus, Batman Forever is “loud, excessively busy, and often boring, Batman Forever nonetheless has the charisma of Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones to offer mild relief.”

It was my movie birthday pick the year it came out. I successfully found a Riddler action figure that was so difficult to find. The soundtrack to the movie is definitely worth listening to when you get the chance.

Feel free to share your fond memories of the film. Tell us what you liked/disliked about the movie in the comment section.