All Things Cricket: June 16th

  • Not much going on. The Windies are busy training in Manchester, with no issues reported. Fingers crossed that they and the England team can make it to July 8 safely.
  • Finnish and Swedish leagues are playing. I have been checking in periodically, but I have to admit that it hasn’t captured much of my interest.
  • Vanuatu’s T10 league finished. That was on too late for me.
  • English County teams may start training within days, but no start date has been announced for games. August 1 has been reported as a likely start date.
  • The Cricket Australia CEO, Kevin Roberts (pictured), resigned and was replaced by Nick Hockley, who had been running the Men’s T20 World Cup effort (and had run the Women’s tournament earlier in the year), which is scheduled to be in Australia in October. Hockley’s move would seem to indicate that the Men’s T20 World Cup might be in jeopardy, which wouldn’t really surprise many people given the state of COVID-19 in places like India, England and other locations.
  • Any other northerly countries or remote islands where cricket was played last week? Let us know.