WW 124: Genius – Episode 4: The Horse Race Game

A shot rang out

“Oh no… it’s too bad Yurt only live once.”

Owen has been eliminated.

Another shot rang out.

“Oh no, all the damage to my wires – I mean, internal organs. Yes, I am totally bleeding out in a natural, human way.

Hayes has been eliminated.

The bounty hunter collected 36 Garnets.

The Rules of the Game

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 4.51.03 AM

Today’s match is The Horse Race Game.

Essentially, you will be betting on the final results of a Horse Race – one whose results I have already simulated. Every player has been given a clue about the final results in their QT. You can share these clues with whoever you like or keep them to yourself. You have also been given 24 Tokens to bet on horses.

In the main thread, I will give 12 rounds of updates on the Horse Race – telling you how close each horse is to the finishing line – before the final results. When I post an update, you have until the next update to reply by betting an amount of tokens on a Horse. You don’t have to bet every round and you can use as many tokens as you like per round. You can bet on multiple horses if you want. I’m not setting an exact schedule for updates but that should be one every few waking hours.

If you bet tokens on a Horse that finishes in the Top 3, they will convert into Garnets. How many Garnets will depends on some math. 100 Garnets total will be divided among all the people who bet on the 1st Place Horse, 50 to people who bet on the 2nd place Horse, and 25 for the 3rd Place horse. How much of that prize you get depends on the tokens you placed – so each token is like buying a share of the prize for that horse. (Example: You bet 10 tokens on a Horse, while a total of 50 were bet on it, so you get 1/5 of the prize). How early you bet on a Horse is also taken into account. Tokens bet in the first three rounds are worth 3x, 2x in Rounds 4-6, 1x in Rounds 7-9, and 1/2x in Rounds 10-12. So if you bet 4 Tokens in the first round on a winning Horse, it’ll actually be worth 12 Tokens – but if you bet 4 Tokens in the final round, they will be counted only as 2 Tokens.

The math might seem complicated and I don’t think you need worry about the exact amount too much – Just that the Basics are…

  1.  You want to use the clues to figure out who will finish in the Top 3 and bet on them
  2. You’ll maximize the Garnets you get by betting more tokens as early as possible
  3. You can also maximize the Garnets you’ll win if less players jump on the bandwagon on betting on the same Horse as you do.

The person who wins the most Garnets also wins Immunity. The person who wins the least Garnets is sent to the Death Match.

Players names will at the start of the day will come with their current amount of Garnets.


  1. Corporal Hicks – 41 Garnets
  2. Forget_it_Jake – 18 Garnets
  3. Owen1120 – 0 Garnets
  4. Spookyfriend – 0 Garnets
  5. The Wasp – 7 Garnets
  6. DW – 0 Garnets
  7. Hayes – 0 Garnets
  8. Nate the Lesser – 0 Garnets
  9. Emm – 19 Garnets
  10. Mr.ImMyOwnGrandpa – 17 Garnets
  11. Goat – 20 Garnets
  12. Josephus Brown – 0 Garnets
  13. Indy – 25 Garnets
  14. Sic Humor – 20 Garnets
  15. Ralph – 10 Garnets
  16. Grumproro – 21 Garnets
  17. Lindsay – 0 Garnets
  18. Donalbain – 5 Garnets
  19. ALKD – 0 Garnets
  20. Hoho ohno possum – 0 Garnets


Check your QT’s for things like invites to join a QT discussion. You can ask me questions here or there. Please have fun!