“Exquisite Corpses” American Dad! S17E07

Jeff, Francine and Roger start their own bus tour business.

We open with Jeff and Hayley watching Police Academy in their van and they see the  news report about the RB Burger  killer who is on the loose.


Next morning, Stan, Steve, and Klaus leave for work/school, while Roger, Francine and Jeff are stuck at home because they don’t have anything to do.  Also Jeff slept thru the Price Is Right where there was a weirdly expensive dish soap, $30.  Even Drew thought is was unfair.


Getting day drunk , the three decide to go into business together, but what kind of business should they venture into?


Murder Bus Tours of course!


So they get a bus, tint the windows and hop on for adventure.  But not before handing out pennies for a scratch win experience to view the scenes about town.


All aboard the Blood Bus!


But the tour is a bust and soooo boring.  The threat of a terrible Yelp review that will sink the new business brings an idea to Jeff.


Rob the going out of business Radio Shack for police scanners and talk the tour to the crime scenes.


It’s a big hit as they get a great Yelp review after all.


But not all is well on the Murder Bus when the R B murder comes aboard.  He kidnaps the tour group, takes them underground to his sewer lair, and threatens to kill Roger.  Too bad Rog spilled the beans that his only weakness is to cut off his head.  The murderer’s only demand is that R B Burger bring back that limited BIG BEEF BLOPPER!


After nearly killing both Roger and Jeff, Francine manages to disarm him.  The rest of the passengers go all Dexter on the killer, thus making the tour an unmitigated success.


Back home, Hayley gives Jeff a toy bus that he wanted all along.


It’s been three days without an R B Burger related murder.  So the Langley police have declared the case officially solved.  And to celebrate, we are bringing back a dis-continued treat, our Big Beef Blopper!  Mmmm mmmm mmm!  To die for!


B Plot

He’s  is a lineman for Langley

And he’s a fish who’s name is Klaus

Drinking coffee from a thermos that he filled up at his house


Over at Lanson, Klaus gets some party line action to happen



Pretty solid outing for the gang.  I liked the team up of Roger, Jeff and Francine.  Don’t think we’ve seen this one before.  Also, Klaus has a job?!?!?

Grade: B+