WW 124: Genius – Episode 2: The Dueling Game

At Spookyfriend’s election night victory party, two of her supporters chatted it up.

“Wait a-one second, weren’t you one-a the the people running against her?” asked a man who’d shown up in a chef hat.

“True” said a snazzy looking possum. “But she’s hope for the future. And hey – I can buy myself something snazzy with these Garnets picked up.”

“A-yes” said the chef. “I can buy-a myself something very something tasty tonight.”

Then a gruff voice came from behind “I’m afraid you won’t get to do that, but I’ll buy something nice for the three.” The Chef and Possum looked back as two darts came right at them.

HOHO POSSUM and APRIL have been eliminated from the game.

The Wolf Bounty Hunter looked down at his phone, as he soon licked his lips at the notification that 16 Garnets had been deposited into his account.

But why were Hoho and April the first competitors targeted for Night kills? Were they seen as such formidable players they were competition to be removed early? Or was there jealousy for their early earning of extra riches? 

The Rules of the Game

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 4.51.03 AM

Today’s match is The Dueling Game.

You will be spending the the time between now and Twilight competing in duels. We have given you the following 4-Weapons for use in these duels.

  • Sling Shot – 1 Star Weapon
  • Bow & Arrow – 2-Star Weapon
  • Bow & Fire Arrow – 3-Star-Weapon
  • Cannon – 4-Star Weapon

You will enter duels by making a top-level comment challenging a specific player to a duel. The other player must reply accepting the duel. When you agree to a Duel, you should tell me in your QT which of your 4 Weapons you want to use in the Duel.  You can only choose each weapon once.

I will then announce the duel results. The person who used the higher-star weapon will win. If both players use the same weapon, RNG determines the result. The winner gets the worth in Garnets of the weapon used against them and any unused weapons their opponent had. The loser is considered dead for the purposes of today’s game, meaning they can’t compete in further duels.

Your objective should be make it through 4-Duels – using all your weapons – without dying. The player(s) who accomplish this will be considered the winner of this game and receive immunity.

Dying in battle is not the result you should be most afraid of, however. You must either used all your weapons, or die before you can do so. If you are still alive at the end of the today, but haven’t used up your weapons – then you are automatically considered the loser of this game and automatically sent to the Death Match (if you are the only one, otherwise tiebreakers will be applied.)

Twilight will be on Thursday at 8:00pm EST – meaning you have until then to Duel. Twilight may be called early if it’s no longer possible for anyone to duel. 

Players names will at the start of the day will come with their current amount of Garnets.

[spoiler titles= Players]

  1. Corporal Hicks – 5 Garnets
  2. Forget_it_Jake – 5 Garnets
  3. Owen1120 – 5 Garnets
  4. Spookyfriend – 10 Garnets
  5. The Wasp – 3 Garnets
  6. DW – 5 Garnets
  7. Hayes – 3 Garnets
  8. Nate the Lesser – 8 Garnets
  9. Emm – 5 Garnets
  10. Mr.ImMyOwnGrandpa – 3 Garnets
  11. Goat – 5 Garnets
  12. Josephus Brown – 5 Garnets
  13. Indy – 6 Garnets
  14. Sic Humor – 0 Garnets
  15. Ralph – 8 Garnets
  16. Grumproro – 8 Garnets
  17. Lindsay – 0 Garnets
  18. Donalbain – 5 Garnets
  19. ALKD – 0 Garnets
  20. Hoho ohno possum – 0 Garnets

Check your QT’s for things like invites to join a QT discussion. You can ask me questions here or there. Please have fun!