Avocado Sight & Sound: TV Edition

It’s time for the latest iteration of the world-famous [citation needed] Avocado Sight & Sound! This time, we’re picking what we think the best TV shows of all time are. Here’s the rules:

1.) Your list can only contain 10 titles; no more, no less.
2.) Twin Peaks: The Return is a TV show but O.J.: Made in America isn’t.
3.) As always, obvious joke ballots won’t be counted.
4.) Miniseries can be counted.
5. TV movies don’t count though.
6.) This one is important, so I’m going to bold it: There is to be no mocking of other people’s picks. This is supposed to be fun and this shit isn’t fun at all, so don’t do it.
7.) The only criteria for your list should be “TV shows you like the most.”

To get things rolling, here’s my picks:
-Breaking Bad
-Game of Thrones
-Mad Men
-The Shield
-The Simpsons
-The Sopranos
-Twin Peaks (including The Return)
-The Wire

Other shows I’m big fans of: 24, 30 Rock, The Americans, Archer, Arrested Development, Barry, Baskets, Batman: The Animated Series, Batman (Adam West version), Battlestar Galactica (remake), Better Call Saul, Bojack Horseman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cheers, Daredevil, Eastbound and Down, Fargo, Firefly, Flight of the Conchords, Freaks and Geeks, Friday Night Lights, Fringe, Futurama, GLOW, The Good Place, Happy Endings, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Justified, The Knick, The Leftovers, Legion, Lost, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Narcos, Neon Genesis Evangelion, New Girl, The Office (U.S.), Parks and Recreation, Rectify, Rick and Morty, Silicon Valley, South Park, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Stranger Things, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, True Detective, The Twilight Zone, The Venture Brothers, Vice Principals, Westworld, The X Files, and You’re the Worst.