New Game Releases Just Aren’t That Important

You know, I just can’t think of anything less important to talk about than video games right now. Yeah, I know that they can be an escape from the rough things happening in the world or whatever, but to ignore what is happening right now is gross and unacceptable. If you want to know what games are coming out this week then I’m sure there are plenty of outlets available to you; I’m taking this week off.

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This column will return to its normal operating procedures next week, but sadly so will the tactics of bastard cops and racists. Do not let them win by being complacent; do not let them win by forgetting what thousands of protesters marched in the streets for; do not let them win by burying your head in the sand when even small injustices occur; do not let them win by being afraid. Stand up for the oppressed, stand up for yourself, demand change, and if needed find the parts of yourself that need to change and make it right. Video games can wait.