The Day Thread Decides ‘Eh, Whaddaya Gonna Do?’

A wild hair inserting itself in an orifice neither earhole nor piehole1 triggered me into signing up to post this Day Thread header.

Said bee in my not-bonnet insistently buzzed at me about this commenting community using a potpourri of portmanteaus to name its collective. You have your partisans for “Avocadoes” and “Avocadoians.” You have the splitter “Politcados” and the informal “’Cados.” For all I know, someone at some time called out the “Comic Strippers.”2


My original intent consisted of demanding an agreed-upon nomenclature. But it then occurred to me that demanding standardization made me a jerk to no good purpose.3 Why should I care what we, you, whoever calls us as long as everyone understands the appellation?

I should not, so I shan’t. Which permits me to aver …


A merry Monday’s commenting to all. Whichever group identity you claim.