Five Finger Discount: Nintendo 64 Discussion

Let’s talk about our favorite five games from each video game platform. List and discuss your favorite five (or more) titles from the Nintendo 64!

I considered including the Virtual Boy here after Shinigami Apple Merchant mentioned a couple weeks ago, but it did only have 14 games or so, and also was the Virtual Boy. So it doesn’t seem necessary. But here’s the Virtual Boo from Luigi’s Mansion 3:

And where were you when you realized that the way that controller is supposed to work is that you hold the outer left and right prongs for 2D games, and the middle and right prongs for 3D games? I was in the current apartment I share with my girlfriend when she said this so casually as if it was so obvious to everyone!


Next week is the first truly significant update in the Game Boy line after nine whole years*, it’s the Game Boy Color!