What Did You Mom This Weekend?

If I had to choose my favorite movie mom, it would likely be Diane Freeling from Poltergeist.

She doesn’t have any superpowers and doesn’t have the slightest clue why any of the crazy shit is happening in her otherwise dull suburban home, but what she does have is a mother’s tenacity to protect her family from the menacing evil that is trying to consume them.

The header photo is a perfect encapsulation of what Diane is all about: she is visibly terrified, but is willing to do whatever is necessary, including putting herself in harm’s way, to keep her loved ones safe. She literally goes through hell to save her daughter from The Beast.

JoBeth Williams has a lot of scenes where she has to interact with weird, horrifying special effects and she sells it all beautifully. All of the performances in Poltergeist are excellent and help ground this haunted house story in the real world, but Williams and Zelda Rubeinstein (as Tangina the medium) are the standouts.

Honestly, I can’t think of a better movie to watch with your mom on this special day than Poltergeist. It’s rated PG! (Just make sure you cover mom’s eyes during the face-ripping scene.)

What did you do this Mother’s Day weekend?

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