The Monday Politics Thread is Slowly Reopening to the Public

So, what’s our like in your neck of the woods? Are you in an area that’s reopening, full speed ahead? Slowly reopening?

I know in my area, the state itself is slowly reopening certain stores, but there were plenty of places that never truly closed this entire time. I was reminded of how I live in a shitty area full of shitty people when I had to go to the store today and saw maybe a quarter of the people wearing masks, and no one bothering to keep six feet apart. And the stores won’t and never did enforce it; hearing announcements over the PA about the six feet and trying to stop Covid from spreading is simply hearing them covering their asses. So for me, about the only places that were ever truly closed were small local restaurants and slightly larger ones that aren’t nationwide. Carry out is doing its best. Make sure you tip your delivery drivers.