Home and distance learning: Week 7


So, did you hear that The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is going to “reimagine education?”

This is not good news. According to my favorite education blogger Diane Ravitch  :

The pandemic is turning into a grand opportunity for the foxes to raid the henhouse under cover of darkness. Parents, teachers, and students want a safe and orderly return to real education taught by real teachers in real schools.

Why doesn’t the Governor listen to parents and teachers and students, who will tell him to reinvent schools by fully funding them? They want smaller class sizes, well-maintained facilities, experienced teachers, a well-stocked library with a librarian, programs in the arts, a nurse and social worker and guidance counselor in every school. They don’t want the massive budget cuts that the Governor has in store nor do they want the distance learning that they are currently experiencing to become permanent.\


Also, my kindergarten son had a spelling assessment today and scribbled all over the page.  Which is honestly perfectly fine – he likely wouldn’t do much differently in school, and I realized that I should work with him more on writing letters expressively.

How’s it going with you?




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