Marbula E Race 2 “Seoul”

We’re back for a second week of globetrotting marble racing, and this time we’re off to Korea!

The Seoul circuit is a lengthy but fairly simple track. There are lots of long straight sections where the marbles can pick up speed and a couple of tight curves where they can lose it. The track’s most salient feature is a chicane just before the conveyor belt, which the commentators note could cause for some exciting drama during the race.

Oh, that’s right: commentators. Yes, Greg Woods is back this week, alongside Jack Nicholls, who provided commentary for last week’s race. They don’t quite have the tag-team banter of 3Dbotmaker and 2D, but it’s nice to hear two people who are passionate about marble racing having a chat.

This week’s qualifying round sees Dragon taking pole, with last week’s pole holder (and eventual winner) Mercedes dropping all the way back into ninth. Can Mercedes make up the difference in the 5:30 +1 lap race? Let’s see.

Well what we should have been asking was whether Dragon could hold on to the lead, because a screw-up coming out of the gate dropped them all the way to the back of the pack, and eventually into last place. The main contenders here are Mahindra, Porsche, Jaguar, and Mercedes. BMW i was doing pretty well at first, but they quickly dropped into the back half of the pack. Mahindra looks like they can come out on top, but in the second-to-last lap, they hit a curb and lose a lot of steam, dropping all the way back into fourth. In the end, Jaguar takes the top spot, with Porsche finishing in second and Mercedes demonstrating their consistency with a third-place finish.

Stray thoughts:

  • Oof, what an awful showing from Dragon. Maybe the driver had a bit too much soju to drink before the race? At least they managed to recover slightly and place ninth.
  • I really like that the production values have increased to the point where we can see live standings in the top-left corner at all times, not just at checkpoints.
  • My guess is that the Driver’s Eye gag was covering up a technical difficulty, because man was that random.
  • Another last place finish for Envision Virgin Racing. Yikes.

Complete stats for Marbula E can be found at the Marble League Wiki.