The Wednesday Politics Thread Observes A Safe Ramadan

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The month of Ramadan started a few days ago, and for over a billion Muslims worldwide, the holiday is radically different this year in the midst of the current pandemic.

In Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, the government has been struggling to thread the line of allowing people to celebrate and worship while also preventing the spread of the virus.

Much can still happen between now and then but the government is already at the point of calling off mudik, something it can do by shutting down or severely limiting rail and other transport services between major urban centers and the countryside.

… Heeding increasingly urgent calls from clerics, much of Jakarta’s Muslim population is now steering clear of mosques, even for what is normally the obligatory Friday prayers. Elsewhere across the country, the faithful appear less concerned about being infected.

… Critics say it has been difficult for the Covid-19 Task Force to make any headway because of unclear lines of authority. “If you’re going to have a task force, then it should have full authority, including over all the  ministers and senior bureaucrats,” says one experienced crisis manager.

Ramadan threatens Covid-19 contagion in Indonesia

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In the United States as well, Muslims are dealing with these difficulties.

For the last five years, My Project USA has provided hot meals and food from their pantry to help families get through this sacred month.

… Because of the social distancing guidelines and state orders cracking down on large gatherings, some Muslims may be forced to forgo their faith.

“[Ramadan] is a mandatory requirement being Muslim,” Adbi said. “Ramadan is a lot of activities of spirituality. It’s all missing this year and then on top of that, if we do not have food at home for these people, it’s going to be a huge impact emotionally, physically, financially and I’m very worried about it.”

My Project USA is working to secure food to help Muslims who may need it during this month while under COVID-19 restrictions.  If you are able to or want to help, you can email or call 614-905-0977.

Muslim communities struggle to prepare for Ramadan during COVID-19 crisis

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If you are able, please consider donating to My Project USA or simply spreading the word.

More information can be found at their site.

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