Sports Movie Round Robin Runoff….

…or more accurately, “that asshole Mr BE could fuck up a wet dream.”

So anyhow, I managed to completely skip over Cool Runnings, which garnered a respectable 18 votes in the nomination round (tying it with The Sandlot, Eight Men Out, Happy Gilmore, and Bend it Like Beckham, a group which had a mixed run in the first round), and actually MORE nominating votes than its two opponents, the least-like winners in round 1 – Bring It On and Raging Bull (!). So in the interest of covering my own ass, the Jamaican bobsledders get a 24 hour (-ish) runoff vs the wife-beating Jake LaMotta and the is-that-even-a-sport competitive cheer.

Voting will run basically a healthy amount of time – until this time tomorrow, or until it peters out (which can mean early if this dies, or late if votes still seem to be rolling in).