Dad’s Casa Tarot

I was gonna wait until there were more episodes written but cards can represent the same person/thing at different times anyway. I couldn’t find a fit for The Red Door. Leah is explained below.

Dad’s Casa Major Arcana

The Fool– Horatio
The Magician– Grandma Maria
High Priestess– Leah Pemberton
The Empress-Carmella
The Emperor-Dad
The Hierophant-Horatio
The Twins
The Chariot-AMC Gremlin
The Hermit-Horatio
Wheel of Fortune
The Hanged Man
Death– Dirty Skeleton
The Devil– Nappy
The Tower– Crazy Aunt Sue’s House
The Star-The Lasagna
The Moon– Alligators
The Sun– Avocados
The World– The Casa