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Job Rants Thread – 4/14/2020 – Working From Home V: Flattening the Curve


Hey, all; Healthy Friday-


As ever, I hope you all are keeping well, both physically and mentally, and if working, then keeping busy. As I brought up in a previous post, I’ve basically caught up with all of my work for the first time seven years. While, in a more sane time, this might have made me beyond happy, it’s carried with it both the risk of both boredom, and worse, the idea that I or my co-workers might become superfluous.

In the latter case, I happy to report that this has not yet become the case. It is to my boss’ everlasting credit that he’s thus far had ways to keep us all busy, focused, and most of all, needed. While it might be a bit outside of my comfort zone, and, in a certain sense, pay-grade at times, I’m happy to have a sense of purpose in a time where something so basic as that finds itself a premium.

How’s it with all of you? Keeping busy, either on your own, or with direction? Or, at the very least, focusing on a goal? Let’s open up the floor, shall we, and get to talking.


As ever, have a safe and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and a great weekend. And remember: It’s not busywork if it actually keeps you busy.