WW121: The Haunting of Lupine Manor—Chapter 3

April 25, XXXXX—10:00pm—A storm ranges outside, but laughter and a low fire keep the manor warm

You feel at home in Lupine Manor. And you can tell the others do too, as you all file out of the sitting room after a night of stories and games, laughing and talking as you make your way back to your rooms.

Despite everything that has happened, you feel a fondness — for your fellow guests, for Olivia Crain, for the manor itself.

You plan to let this feeling carry you into sweet slumber, but you barely step foot on the staircase before the entire manor plunges into complete darkness.

“What happened?” You cry out, starting to panic as you’re met with no answer. “Hello? Is anyone else there?”

In the distance, you hear a fight break out, and you move away from the sounds of struggle. You don’t want to get caught in the crossfire, especially when you can’t see.

You freeze when you hear a long, drawn out scream from the opposite end of the black void you’re in. The scream goes on and on, longer than a human being could possibly hold it for. It cuts off abruptly, and you know that whoever it was no longer walked with the living.

You don’t know how long you stayed in the darkness. Was it minutes? Hours? Days? As time passed, you slowly begin to let go of your fear. You let the blackness envelop you. You no longer remember why you were so frightened.

The Hallways of Lupine Manor

When light comes flooding back, rage courses through you. You were so at peace…

You push the disturbing thought to the back of your mind, meeting the confused and scared looks of your fellow guests.

“Are we all here?” One of them asks, even if they all know the answer.

They find a body in one of the rooms. There are deep bruises around its neck. You expect to find another crucifix, but there is none.

Talky Tina/Guy Fieri (Creeper) is dead. They were an Ordinary Guest (Vanilla Town).

Another of their number is missing, yet they could not find a trace of them anywhere in Lupine Manor.

Wirt (Side) is dead. He was Theodora (Town Cop).

The teenager is part of the manor now. You are shocked to discover that you feel something like envy towards the boy.


The morning after, all is quiet. The manor is letting you rest.

(There is no event today.)



  • 16 12 Vanilla Town Ordinary Guests
  • 1 Town Cop – Theodora (Submits a target each night to be investigated. Wolves return as “Scum” (except the Wolf Spy), Town and SK return as “Town”. They cannot target the same player twice in a row.)
  • 1 Jailkeeper – Mrs. Dudley (Submits a target each night to be roleblocked and protected. Target will not be immune from being investigated. They cannot target themselves or the same player twice in a row.)
  • 1 Doctor – Dr. Montague (Submits a target each night to be protected. Target will not be immune from being investigated. They cannot target themselves or the same player twice in a row.)
  • 1 Three-Shot Vigilante – Luke Sanderson (They can submit a target to kill three times in the night phase. The target will be killed unless protected. The shot is used even if the kill fails. They cannot target the same player twice in a row.)


  • 1 Wolf Spy – Poppy (Returns as Town if investigated.)
  • 1 Wolf Role Cop – Bent-Neck Lady (Submits a target each night to be investigated. Town players with roles will return as “Roled”. Vanilla Town and Serial Killers will return as “Vanilla”. They cannot target the same player twice in a row.)
  • 3 Vanilla Wolves – Manor Ghosts

Wolves have the combined ability to roleblock for the first three nights. This ability will disappear after the third night. They cannot target the same player twice in a row.


  • 2 1 Serial KillersReligious Fanatics (Submits ONE target TOGETHER each night to kill. The target will be killed unless protected. They cannot target the same player twice in a row.)
  • Order of night actions – Roleblocks and protections go through first, then all other actions go through in the order that allows the most actions to happen.
  • Ties result in RNG between the top vote-getters.
  • Wolves share a QT. Serial Killers share a QT.
  • Win condition for all players – You win if your faction is the last one standing or if it’s mathematically impossible for another faction to win.
  • Any player spreadsheets should stop being updated at the player’s death. Another (living) player can continue the same spreadsheet.
  • Mod note: I will add all the answers to any questions I receive to this list for visibility.
  1. Louie – Shaggy
  2. Hoho – Jason Voorhees
  3. Tiff – Laura Roslin, President of humanity SERIAL KILLER
  4. Spooky – Ma
  5. Grump – Nanami Tsukino
  6. Cop – Troy McClure
  7. Lindsay – Willow
  8. Indy – Father Lankester Merrin
  9. Owen – Dolly Levi, matchmaker to the stars VANILLA TOWN
  10. Side – Wirt TOWN COP
  11. May – Gilda Joyce, novelist, spy, and psychic
  12. malthusc – Lady Edith Sharpe
  13. Hicks – Personification of In Search of Colour VANILLA TOWN
  14. Gramps – That Guy
  15. Raven – Jenny with the ribbon VANILLA TOWN
  16. MLA – Eleanor Vance
  17. abstractnoun – Janet Jackson
  18. Thoughts – Casper the friendly ghost
  19. Ralph – The Chessmaster
  20. Jake – Freddie the skeleton
  21. Creeper – Talky Tina VANILLA TOWN
  22. dw/Emm – Annie
  23. Pug Lady – The Pug Lady!
  24. sagittariuskim – The Box Ghost
  25. Affogato – Mrs. Warren
  26. Jude – Drunk Shirley Jackson
  27. Britta – Jonas the Cat


  1. Side
  2. Indy
  3. Hicks
  4. Hoho
  5. Pug Lady
  6. abstractnoun
  7. Thoughts
  8. Britta
  9. Jude


  1. Cop
  2. Jake
  3. MLA
  4. spooky
  5. dw/Emm
  6. Grump
  7. Affogato
  8. Lindsay
  9. Owen


  1. Ralph
  2. May
  3. Tiff
  4. Raven
  5. malthusc
  6. Kim
  7. Creeper
  8. Louie
  9. Gramps