“Downtown” American Dad S16E21

Hayley drives Steve to a testing center in “no good” downtown but they end up stranded in a worse suburban neighborhood. Stan, Francine, and Roger mistakenly go downtown to rescue them.

We start with “Dude Where’s my car?”,  Steve doesn’t want to end up a loser like Haley, discussion  about the perils of downtown,  and Jeff’s shower schedule


Steve needs to go downtown to take the PPSATs and needs Haley to take him.  On the way they get a flat tire.  They can’t call AAA ( the correct way to change a flat) because the keys are locked inside.  So it’s off to a nearby house to use a phone.  But dangers be lurking within.


Stan calls them but gets worried when Haley doesn’t answer and needs to go save them.  Roger (Yukoub McGruder), who owes Guzzo 30 large downtown, decides  tags along.


Once there, they find out that it’s not the grimy, crime filled, wank palace place it used to be.  Downtown’s changing!


Meanwhile Steve and Haley stumble upon a makeup sales party gone wrong.  It’s very important that one meets their quatos.


So things get crazy, Steve and Haley run away, find folks locked in a basement,  run into an old folks home (car key bingo , eeeew)  and eventually get to the police station.   We soon find out that one officer in also part of this makeup group.  Anyone else think back to the Ladybugs episode?


Meanwhile over in the B plot,

DTC!  Downtown’s changing, everyone downtown is saying it!


Unaware to Steve of this police cover up, he heads over to take the PPSAT, but realizes that Haley is in trouble.  So he makes his way back with the aid of basement prisoners and attack cats!


Those plans foiled, it’s time for plan B!


Haley is saved but Steve has massive injuries. None the less, Haley gets Steve to this all important test.  But Steve is too messed up to take the test.  So Haley takes it in his place.  And intentionally fails it.


“A Zero!, you get 200 points just for spelling my name right!”

“Not my name, how should I know how to spell it?”

Checking back again with the B plot, Downtown’s changing!   Stan embraces this with full gusto, forget about finding Steve and Haley.  Stan buys a loft downtown, where you can forget all your troubles.


Really solid episode.  Crazy adventure time for Steve and Haley.  Roger had some great lines about how downtown used to be.  Stan’s change of heart was classic.  Also, Klaus really is the worst one in the family to go fetch the mail


Grade : B+