The Avocado’s Favorite Film Director – ROUND 5!

“Anytime I make a movie, I really have absolutely no idea how it’s going to go over. I’ve had the whole range of different kinds of reactions.” – Wes Anderson


“The best director is the one you don’t see.” – Billy Wilder

Or the ones who get eliminated, right, Billy?

Yes, I must sadly report that our two greatest directors, Orson Welles and Billy Wilder, have been eliminated. Despite the contest now obviously being illegitimate and broken, we shall carry on with our FINAL 8!

Yes, our top ten is coming into focus and everyone has a chance at the top prize. Directors from 3 different countries have emerged as our top cinematic masters but the toughest choices lit ahead.

You know the drill. I’ll make the discussion sub-heading and then you’ll have 48 hours to vote. This time, in the effort for film diversity, I’ve posted the poster for my personal favorites of their work.

Except for Miyazaki, where I picked the fun-looking pig in a mustache.

So here it is….


16. Sidney Lumet

15. Billy Wilder

14. Steven Soderbergh

13. Ridley Scott

12. John Carpenter

11. Orson Welles

10. David Fincher

9. Wes Anderson

8. ?????????????

7. ?????????????

6. ?????????????

5. ?????????????

4. ?????????????

3. ?????????????

2. ?????????????

1. ?????????????


You have 48 hours from the eighth match being posted to vote!