Revive or Archive?

Edit: Round 2. Sort of a “Last Call” for everyone to review the list below before this actually happens.

I talked a little bit about this last State of the Channel but I want to give this at least a few more chances for folks to revive some dormant features before moving ahead with archiving.

First, If you agree to do it, there’s not some sort of commitment to doing it weekly, monthly, anything like that. “Active” posts that at least people are going to update a couple of times a year don’t need to be archived. And if there’s something on the list where the current creator says they will take it back on, I will remove it from the Archive list. There’s a few items here that I think I can just remove because they aren’t active and don’t really make sense to even archive but I listed them in case someone wants to revive the feature, a couple of which I thought were pretty cool

Second, when we do “archive” ones that no one takes over, I am going to make an Archives page under other where all these tags can live for now. The posts themselves aren’t going away, but the Archives will just exist as a way to show people what we already have out there as far as topics if they are just browsing, along with the tags and search functions. In a way that doesn’t take up menu space for other new features that may be coming out.

Finally, if you like the general idea of a post but maybe not the exact setup or tone or format, consider at least taking over the tag for a couple trial runs and then maybe adjusting it as you go.

With that, here’s the list:

Archive: Collectible Card Game Thread
Archive: Both Sides Now
Archive: Cinemixology
Archive: Movie Misery Corner
Archive: Double Features
Delete: The Avocado on Spotify
Archive: Shopping
Delete: Coming and Going from Streaming
Archive: Let’s Talk
Archive: The Contras
Archive: Pitch Meeting
Archive: Pod People
Archive: Pop Culture Confessions
Archive: This week in Trek
Archive: True Crime
Archive: Comment of the Week
Archive: Craftocado
Archive: Green Thread
Archive: No Context
Archive: Flock & Tingle
Archive: Still Watching
Archive: Top TV of the Week
Remove Tag: News currently under OTHER menu
Archive: Science