The Avocado

Mod Squad: The Grand Embiggening!

Hello, lovely people!

As some may recall, way back in the, uhm, ancient times of the last few weeks, we put out a call for new moderators. Much to everyone’s surprise — mostly our own — we didn’t actually forget about that! However, as is noticeable, it did take us a while to figure everything out. But we finally did! Okay, not, like, EVERYTHING everything, but at least how many new mods to add and who. Baby steps.

First of all, thank you so much to everybody who applied! Even if we didn’t end up going with you, we still appreciate your willingness to step up and help keep this community as thriving as it has been! That is not to be taken for granted! But we couldn’t add as many people as we got applications, so we had to pick and choose based on various factors, and it wasn’t easy (otherwise it wouldn’t have taken us so long to get it done, let’s be honest). We promise that we still value and appreciate you a lot even if you didn’t end up on the roster!

Now then, who are these new sacrifices generous community helpers?

  • Grumproro
  • Demyx
  • The Kappa
  • Sheleetaham
  • Crybaby Boobie
  • The Beautiful Snob-Ra
  • Meredith Palmer
  • Fig Plucker
  • Mustard of Doom

“That’s quite a lot of names,” I hear you say! Yes, indeed. There are a few reasons for that: We’ve had several notable departures in the last few months. The site has gotten more active and mod workload has generally increased in the last year or so. We wanted to improve coverage both in terms of threads and time zones. And we wanted to ensure that the average workload for the individual team members is more sustainable and can be better distributed. And those who keep count might notice that cis males are now again a minority in the mod squad (the full mod list can be found here, once it’s been updated). 🙂

So, without further ado, please bid a hearty welcome to the new folks, and have fun posting!

And to our new Leader Beans: